Kuppersbusch Australia


For over 140 years German brand Kuppersbusch have been designing and manufacturing robust commercial kitchen appliances chefs can rely on. Skanos is a Kuppersbusch Australia distributor bringing these exciting innovations to our shores.


The Kuppersbusch Australia portfolio covers modular cooking technology, individual cooking suites, combi ovens, mixing kettles, automatic cookers and amazing high performance grills.

The Beef Craft high speed steak grill is in a class of its own. Versatile and ergonomic, Beef Craft guarantee optimal quality at speed. Cooking at temps of up to 800 degrees, you achieve swift caramelisation for a crisp crust and a juicy tender cook in the middle. The perfect steak fast every time? No problem.


The new generation of multifunctional bratt pans has arrived. Fry, braise, and cook consistently for perfect results. Rapidly heat to 230 degrees in 4.5minutes. From gentle to full power with 66% more performance at a significantly reduced power consumption, success is assured.