Hot food transport boxes

Hot food transport is tricky when you don't have ScanBox on your side. Transport your hot food with confidence that within a lightweight, maneuverable and durable container it is kept and held at the optimal temperature. 

Our hot boxes for food transportation are among the best on the global market. Well, our customers say they are the best. There's one thing everyone in the industry can agree on; and that is the importance of maintaining the quality and integrity of the product for consumers. 

What makes our hot food transport boxes the best?

Temp-Stop technology is a ScanBox patented staple which maximises insulation capacity and minimises energy consumption. This innovation has placed this Scandanavian design at the top of the global industry. Invite ScanBox into your commercial kitchen. You, your staff, and your customers will enjoy a safer, more efficient, simply superior hot food transport and delivery system, brought to you by the leaders in the food transport industry.