Joni Foodline

Joni Foodline Kettles

Joni Foodline is a Danish manufacturer of quality catering equipment since 1973. Their range of steam jacketed tilting kettles answer many demands of the busy commercial kitchen. From simple tilting kettles to advanced multi-functional machines that mix, cook, mash, chill, tilt and pour. Joni kettles are extremely flexible with an inspiring range of optional extras and accessories to maximise the productivity and efficiency of your production cooking.


Mobile, fixed or stand-alone solutions, mixing and non-mixing kettles, external chilling systems, optional integrated stirrers, and available in multiple sizes from 40L up to 500L capacity. What makes Joni Foodline unique is their flexibility and innovation. Joni kettles are durable, high performance and easy to maintain, with a focus on ergonomics, hygiene, quality, and user-friendly functionality.