Gram Refrigeration

Gram Commercial Refrigeration


Gram Commercial are one of the most exciting commercial refrigeration brands to reach Australian shores. As the exclusive Gram refrigeration Australia distributors we’re very proud to showcase their range of ultra energy efficient solutions for commercial kitchens. Gram strive to create products which will not burden the environment. Utilizing 100% natural hydrocarbon gas refrigerants, their fridges use zero toxic HFC’s and ozone-harming chemicals. Their low-energy cabinets are extremely quiet with very low heat output, making for an improved environment in a typically hot and noisy commercial kitchen. Constructed with recycled or recyclable materials they’re made to last, with spare parts available for up to 10 years after purchase, even for discontinued models.

There are over 300 models of Gram refrigeration and storage solutions. Hard or soft chilling storage within a production line, freezing, thawing or storing at various temperature ranges, whatever you needs there’s a Gram solution for you. Pass-through and roll-in cabinets, quick chillers, blast chillers and freezers, under bench 2 - 4 door fridges and glass door display cabinets. Gram have been operating since 1901 and continue to be world leaders in commercial refrigeration innovation. Learn more about the history of Gram Commercial.