PizzaMaster ovens for every need

BakePartner is a family owned Swedish company specialising in the manufacturing of modern electric deck ovens. The PizzaMaster oven range is the largest in the world with 80 different available sizes and more than 1,000 possible combinations. 

PizzaMaster ovens are famous for their high performance and extreme high temperature of up to 500°C. That in combination with a clay hearth stone and patented team system ensures bakers can produce authentic old-world style artisan breads and pastries full of flavour.

PizzaMaster embodies the heart and soul of every angle of pizza making. Not just an oven manufacturer, they have a greater mission than their pizza ovens...

"The PizzaMaster mission is to improve and spread the knowledge of this Italian treasure globally"

They commit to deepening their already broad culinary knowledge including the production and characteristics of the flour, how to process the dough, the origins and quality of the toppings, and of course taking in consideration the habits, tastes and availability of different cultures.

All this passion and knowledge is poured into their ovens to make them the very best tool available for making all types of pizza better for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re looking for “New Solutions for Old Traditions” click through to learn more or contact the team at Skanos - Australian distributors of the world’s largest range of PizzaMaster ovens.