Upright Commercial Freezer Double Door

When you need an upright commercial freezer to perform, save power consumption, reduce noise and heat output and keep your produce temperature controlled to perfection, you need a Gram. 

The leaders in European energy standards and delivering manufacturing excellence, all the way from Denmark and warmly welcomed on Australian shores. 

Gram's upright commercial freezer range is a commercial kitchen game-changer

The ultra-energy efficient choice in commercial freezers; saving you an avg of 1/4 off your commercial freezer energy costs. As sleek in design as they are quiet and powerful. Engineered to withstand frequent door openings, maintain consistant temperature throughout and preserve the quality of your product. 

  • Maximum temperature control
  • Natural Hydrocarbon refrigerants - no harmful HFC's. 
  • Quiet running, low heat emission 
  • Right and left hand hinged doors each with a lock
  • Easy open food pedal
  • Automatic door closing mechanism

It doesn't get much cooler than this. Go green with gram.