Model No: KPFEP330

Kuppersbusch KPFEP330 Duplex non-stick pressure bratt pans

Perfect for batch cooking operations to replace five appliances in one. Fry, cook, steam and pressure cook or pressure steam to perfection

Pressure bratt pan German engineered to perfection for durability, usability and performance. The FEP330 model is a duplex non-stick pressure bratt pan with a usable capacity of 150L. This versatile batch cooking powerhouse is a five in one appliance.

Fry, cook, steam and pressure cook or steam to perfection.

This powerful pressure bratt pan is designed to maintain a constant temperature and precise cooking times. The end product? Consistent cooking results with authentic flavour.

Winning Features

  • Fry, cook, steam and pressure cook or steam
  • Motor tilting function with fast return
  • Pressure cooking up to 0.5 bar gauge pressure (appx 110°C)
  • 4 Point temperature control up to 300°C
  • Core temperature sensor
  • Touch sensitive ergonomic control panel
  • 9 programming spaces with 5 process steps
  • Stainless steel construction and duplex non-stick base
  • Spring released double-walled lid
  • Water inlet via a lid-operated swivel tap
  • Space saving and energy efficient

Kuppersbusch are leaders in developing versatile bratt pans of the utmost quality and energy efficiency.

We offer a range of tilting and non-tilting bratt pans, cast iron bratt pans and pressure or non pressure pans right up to all-purpose multifunctional bratt pans capable of rapidly heating up to 230°C in 4.5mins, or gentle cooking of sensitive dairy products.


Supplier Model Number FEP330
Overall dimensions, W x D x H in mm 1500 x 850 x 900
Weight in kg 393
Electrical connection in kW 400 V 3 N AC 50 Hz 21.7
Usable capacity in litres 150
Pan dimensions W x D x H in mm 1000 x 550 x 300
Capacity of inserts GN 1 / 1, 200 mm 3 units
Frying surface in m² 0.5
TOP OPTION VAR 020 Volume-regulated water intake device Water automatically filled to the exact litre Integrated in the mixing tap  Automatic filling process stop
ACCESSORIES ZUB P50 Rack holder ZUB P51 Rack holder