Model No: KPFEP910

Kuppersbusch KPFEP910 Duplex non-stick tilting bratt pans

Perfect for batch cooking operations looking to fry, cook, braise and stew in the one efficient ergonomic appliance

Kuppersbusch tilting bratt pan non-stick and German made to perfection for durability, usability and performance.

The FEP910 model is a stainless steel constructed multifunctional tilting bratt pan perfect for frying, cooking, braising and stewing at a maximum 83L capacity.

Kuppersbusch are leaders in developing bratt pans of the utmost quality and energy efficiency. Driven by consistency of output this non-stick bratt pan is designed to maintain a constant temperature and precise cooking times. The end product? Consistent cooking results with authentic flavour.

Winning Features

  • Fry, braise, stew and cook
  • Motor tilt function with a fast return
  • Innovative KCI (Kuppersbusch Cooking Intelligence) touch panel control
  • Electronic temp controls with target and actual temp display
  • 4 fast activation settings for the cooking time and temp
  • Double-walled spring released balanced lid
  • Simple operation and easy to maintain
  • Cleaning friendly hygiene axles
  • Accurate pouring, pan emptied via an integrated discharge spout
  • Space saving and energy efficient
  • 83L maximum usable capacity

Looking for something else?

Kuppersbusch bratt pans come in range of tilting and non-tilting bratt pans, cast iron bratt pans and pressure or non-pressure pans. Streamline your batch cooking systems with an all-purpose multifunctional bratt pan capable of rapidly heating up to 230°C in 4.5mins or gentle cooking of sensitive dairy products.


Supplier Model Number FEP910
Overall dimensions, W x D x H in mm 1400 x 850 x 900
Weight in kg 275
Electrical connection in kW 400 V 3 N AC 50 Hz 16.2
Pan made completely of stainless steel, DUPLEX NON-STICK base with 4-point temperature control, W x D x H in mm 928 x 660 x 184
Maximum capacity in litres 109
Usable capacity in litres 83
Frying surface in m² 0.6
TOP OPTION VAR 020 Volume-regulated water intake device with a mixing tap Water automatically filled in to the exact litre Rapid selection of various filling quantities with a KCI touch panel Automatic filling process stop
OPTION VAR 479 Mixing tap ¾" VAR 477 Swivel tap ¾" for hot water, radial excursion 300 mm, height 80 / 390 mm VAR 480 Swivel shower hose ½" for warm water
ACCESSORIES ZUB F46 Mixing tap ¾" (assembly set) ZUB 961 Swivel tap ¾" for WW, radial excursion 300 mm, height 80 / 390 mm (assembly set) ZUB 960 Swivel shower hose ½" for WW (assembly set)