Model No: KPEFA40

Kuppersbusch KPEFA40 Automatic deep fat fryer

Perfect for batch deep-frying large quantities of chips, croquettes, donuts, fish and more.

Production deep fryer German engineered to perfection for durability, usability and performance. Simple one or two man operation, this robust production cooking workhorse can produce up to 120kg of chips per hour and replace up to nine standard deep fryers.

Kuppersbusch are leaders in developing versatile production deep fryers of the utmost quality and energy efficiency. Driven by consistency of output this conveyor fryer is designed to maintain a constant temperature and precise cooking times. The end product? Consistent cooking results with authentic flavour.

Winning Features

  • Adjustable processing speed
  • Adjustable oil level
  • Space saving and efficient
  • Temperature range of 120°C - 195°C with a safety temperature limiter
  • Electronic control and RS485 interface
  • Grease discharge through 1.5" drain valve
  • Adjustable discharge slide constructed of nickel-chronium steel
  • Automatic discharge of frying residues ensures healthy frying with less oil consumption and reduced operating costs

The best choice for factory, university or stadium canteens, and hospital kitchens.

It is no mistake Kuppersbusch have received more than 60 awards in the last 20 years. This innovative production deep fat fryer is the perfect addition to your production cooking systems.


Supplier Model Number EFA040
Electrical connection in kW 400 V 3 N AC 50 Hz 39.8
Overall dimensions W x D x H in mm 1640 x 900 x 900
Usable deep-frying area in mm 850 x 470
Usable deep-frying area in m2 0.
Maximum oil level over the conveyor belt in mm 50
Maximum oil volume in litres 85
Food processing time in minutes 1.5 - 12
ACCESSORIES ZUB 422 Discharge trolley 90 l, heatable, tiltable
RECOMMENDED OPTIONS VAR 369 Control cabinet VAR 438 Built-in contactors VAR 954 Frame for fire-extinguishing system Fire-extinguishing system provided by the customer or supplied by Kuppersbusch