Model No: KPFER400

Kuppersbusch KPFER400 PERMAPRESS boiling kettles | rectangular

Industrial kettles perfect for perfect for boiling, cooking or reheating stocks, soups, reductions, veg and sensitive dairy products

Industrial boiling kettles by Kuppersbusch, developed for maximum energy efficiency and kitchen productivity.

Save time and labor by inviting Kuppersbusch into your production kitchen.

Exceptionally engineered in Germany for performance, durability and usability.

Winning Features

  • Simple and innovative KCI (Kuppersbusch Cooking Intelligence) touch panel control
  • Low maintenance closed PERMAPRESS system
  • Electronic temperature controls with target and actual temperature display
  • Cover plate drained via overflow pipe
  • Water inlet via lid-operated swivel tap
  • Mixing tap with hot and cold water
  • Continuous cooking mode
  • Save on energy through optimal cooking time
  • Save time through fast heating for several batches
  • Load and unload food containers at an ergonomic height safe to use
  • 158L usable capacity
  • 4 x 1/1 Gastronorm tray compatible

Low maintenance and innovative, Kuppersbusch boiling kettles are available in a range of sizes.


Supplier Model Number FER400
Overall dimensions, W x D x H in mm 2100 x 850 x 900
Weight in kg 322
Electrical connection in kW 400 V 3 N AC 50 Hz 42.6
Usable capacity in litres 422
Dimensions of inner pan W x D x H in mm 1650 x 660 x 435
Capacity of inserts GN 1 / 1, 200 mm 12 units
Boiling time, determined to DIN 18855, in minutes 48
TOP OPTION VAR 020 Volume-regulated water intake device Water automatically filled to the exact litre Rapid selection of various filling quantities with a KCI touch panel  Automatic filling process stop VAR 808 Core temperature probe Cooking to perfection Rapid selection of various temperatures with a KCI touch panel  Save on energy through optimal cooking time VAR 040 Integrated lifting / lowering mechanism Time saved through reduced heating up times for several batches Loading and unloading food containers at an ergonomic height Safe to use Use of VAR 040 extends length of appliance by 100 mm
ACCESSORIES ZUB 679 Container support ZUB 680 Container support ZUB 681 Container support