Chef Spotlight on Gursu Mertel Foodservice Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability in Foodservice

Earlier this year, Skanos had the pleasure of working with acclaimed Executive Chef of Taronga Zoo Gursu Mertel. Chef Mertel and his team will enjoy a brand new kitchen to service a new restaurant and event space - the name of which will soon be announced. The new kitchen has been fitted out with the highest standard of energy efficient equipment to meet the requirements of Taronga’s comprehensive Environmental Sustainability program.

Across the Zoo’s restaurants and eateries Chef Mertel delivers high quality “cuisine for conservation.” The dedicated team are committed to ensuring all food sold and served is environmentally sustainable and responsibly sourced.

  • Aim to serve only MSC or ASC certified seafood
  • Only source RSPCA certified chicken and free range eggs
  • Seek complete transparency around sourcing and commitments
  • Aim to ensure all branded products sold on-site use 100% certified sustainable palm oil
  • Work closely with suppliers to ensure food products are locally sourced and seasonal where feasible




Spotlight on Executive Chef Gursu Mertel

In a 2018 interview for Spice Magazine, celebrated chef Gursu Mertel commented;

“it’s inspiring to create menus that come from a sustainable food approach that you know is having a broader impact. It makes sense that the food walks the talk with Taronga’s environmental conservation efforts, and we really enjoy making food that tastes good as well as feels good - ethically.”

Gursu is a passionate and experienced professional with an impressive CV. He boasts over 15 years of international professional cooking and kitchen management experience across Australia, Asia and the Middle East. With six new restaurant openings under his belt, Mertel specialises in openings and leading large culinary teams at multi-outlet five star hotels, resorts and event venues. Some of the big name venues forming his experience include the Hilton, Conrad Macao and Holiday Inn Macao and the Crown in Melbourne.







After a two year project, Mertel was delighted to announce in June the completion of extensive renovations to Taronga’s eateries; including his new kitchen, additional function space, new restaurant, and impressive production kitchen. Also recently reopened after a full renovation is the Taronga Food Market. A bright space serving a selection of diverse contemporary culinary delights in a calm oasis and cafe-style setting.


Skanos Efficient Commercial Catering Equipment

The Skanos team and our Innovative European suppliers were delighted to contribute to the productivity and energy efficiency efforts in the inspiring kitchen renovation project. Standing proud and ready to be productive and efficient workhorses in the brand new kitchen the team will enjoy:






2 x Ergonomic ScanBox Banquet Master Food Transport Boxes for 20 Tray Rational Combi Oven trolleys

Optimal temperature control heightened productivity and perfect food quality

Convection heated hot food transport and holding for 20 tray combi oven trolley

Winning Features 

  • Easy to use, ergonomic and precise temperature control
  • Temp-Stop technology ensures maximum insulation capacity and minimal energy consumption
  • Central braking system
  • Ergonomic tow handles ensure ease of operation and enhanced safety
  • Convection heated for fast temperature recovery during frequent door openings
  • Digital temperature control and display indicates when your selected temperature has been reached
  • Door opens at an angle of 270° and is magnetically fixed into position as you load and unload
  • Superbly engineered for lightweight maneuverability and durability





1 x 60L Joni Easy Stand Kettle

Easy Stand Steam Jacketed Kettle

Durable, high performance and easy to maintain with a focus on ergonomics, hygiene, quality and user-friendly functionality.

Winning Features 

  • Simple to use non-mixing kettle with electric tilt
  • Incredible time and labour saver optimal temperature control, safety and efficiency
  • Electric tilt with TiltBack function
  • Cold water tap for filling
  • Digital controls with infinitely variable temperature
  • Digital internal temperature display
  • Push button water filling function
  • Automatic water level control
  • Adjustable pillar control box



12 x Units of Gram Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers across various models

Gram are world leaders in Commercial Refrigeration energy efficiency, the Taronga team chose Gram Refrigeration for their HACCP certification, ultra-energy efficiency rating, and diverse range to answer the needs of today’s complex, high volume sustainable kitchen operations.

Among the 12 Innovative Gram units supplied were:

Gram SUPERIOR TWIN Refrigerators

Superior is a market leader in exceeding the new stringent EU energy labelling requirements. The superior twin model consumes only 318kW/year

Winning Features 

  • Class A ultra energy efficient commercial fridges
  • Natural Hydrocarbon Gas refrigerant system zero ozone harming HFC's
  • Unique Gram air distribution system for top to bottom uniform cooling
  • Quiet running for a more comfortable working environment
  • Cool exterior, little to no heat output
  • Self closing door with foot pedal door opener
  • Right hand hinged reversible door with lock
  • Concealed digital controls
  • Sleek easy to clean design
  • Modular rails can go directly in the dishwasher
  • Temperature Range +2°C/+12°C



Gram GASTRO K1807 Efficient Bench Refrigeration

If hygiene, performance, efficiency and flexibility is important in your commercial kitchen, Gram Gastro 07 systems will exceed expectations.

Winning Features

  • Solid top, 3 x solid door sections each with 2 x stainless 1/1 Gastronorm shelves
  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Extremely quiet running with minimal heat output
  • Natural Hydrocarbon Gas refrigerants and insulation materials
  • Intelligent digital control Sturdy anti-tilt shelves
  • Quality stainless steel inside and out
  • Hygienic and easy to clean, minimal screws and fixings
  • Temperature range +2°C/+12°C Gram


COMPACT Under Counter Refrigeration

Setting new standards for compact fridges and freezers around the world, this natural Gas refrigerant range offers ultra-low energy consumption. Designed to fit under counters in commercial workplaces, COMPACT fridges can also be double-stacked, or wall mounted.

Winning Features

  • Ultra Energy Efficient - Less that 1KW per day energy consumption
  • Cool exterior, minimal heat emission from the cabinet to the room
  • Compact 60cm(w) x 64cm(d) x 83cm(h) under counter fridge
  • Stackable or can be wall mounted
  • Right hand hinged reversible door with locking system
  • Optimal temperature stability, maintain correct and uniform temperature throughout
  • Top to bottom uniform cooling reduces food wastage
  • Powerful cooling (minus the consumption) and unique ventilated air distribution system





Setting a Fine Example for all Commercial Operations

Chef Mertel is setting a perfect example for how we should be approaching foodservice and commercial operations. So thank you!

We’re so pleased to see more and more of these forward-thinking foodservice professionals and commercial developers employing conservation programs across their operations as a whole.

Not only does this help to secure the quality and integrity of our fresh and cooked produce in the foodservice industry; but striving to reduce our environmental impact across the board in every which we can, is the only way to preserve the quality and integrity of our future.