Gram commercial refrigeration the future for sustainable kitchens

In the world of commercial refrigeration, there are four things we’d love to eliminate. Excessive power consumption, heat and noise output, toxic refrigerants, and food waste. Kitchen design consultants are increasingly seeking energy efficient refrigeration, and green initiatives for their commercial kitchens. Particularly in the fields of:

  • Energy efficient commercial building design
  • Hotels, resorts and high end catering establishments
  • Health and aged care facilities
  • Production kitchens

Gram Refrigeration have answered the call with European designed and manufactured ultra energy efficient commercial fridges and freezers. They are a driving force towards a future of sustainable kitchens. More than just eco friendly, under the new European Energy Consumption Standards, Gram leads the world with their Superior Plus model using only 285 kilowatt hours per year.

As Australia’s Gram distributor we have seen incredible results in power consumption reduction for our customers. One model in our compact range has returned an energy consumption figure of less than 1 kilowatt per 24hrs.

Reduce food waste through optimised refrigeration air flow

Poor air circulation in commercial refrigeration is a big contributor to food wastage. Holding correct and uniform temperature from top to bottom is critical for maintaining the quality of refrigerated food. Gram’s ‘air-tight’ superior air distribution system, and optimised air flow pattern ensures an even temperature throughout, thus extending the shelf life of your food, and significantly reduces food waste.


Commercial kitchen designers and consultants going green

It’s fantastic to see the increasing number of Green Star buildings being constructed Australia wide. Green star building focuses on sustainable design, materials, fitout, construction and operation. The refrigeration and commercial kitchen equipment within these buildings is no exception to the rule.



The QLD Government’s new executive building 1 Williams street was constructed in Brisbane in 2016. We had the pleasure of supplying Gram ultra efficient commercial refrigeration for each of the 44 floors of this innovative project. Boasting a 5 star NABERS energy rating, 1 Williams Street is one of the city’s tallest and most environmentally friendly commercial offices.



Also in Brisbane, 480 Queen Street is another incredible example of excellence in environmental design and construction sporting a 6-star Green Star, and 5-star NABERS rating. These forward-thinking projects have set a new standard in how we approach office space, and commercial kitchen design.




Say goodbye to harmful HFC or CFCs refrigerants

All Gram products are completely HFC and CFC free. HFC or R134a is a potent synthetic greenhouse gas, harmful on the environment. Australia’s HFC phase down began January 2018 in an effort to reduce the amount of HFC imported into the country, and encourage environmentally friendly alternatives. Gram have introduced their refrigerators and freezers with Hydrocarbon refrigerants. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are completely natural gases which contribute to the energy efficiency of the units, and contain zero toxic ozone-depleting qualities.

Energy efficient commercial refrigeration is the future

Obviously such significant innovation and superior design comes with a price tag. Our customers think it’s a small price to pay when you have the potential to cut your refrigeration power consumption cost by a quarter. Gram comparisons show that differences in purchase price between brands is typically easily offset by the minimised energy consumption - after only two to three years. Commercial kitchen employees appreciate an improved work environment thanks to reduced heat output, and the quietest commercial refrigeration on the market. It’s an exciting era in the world of commercial catering equipment. Waste less, save more, enjoy the serenity, and be kind to the planet by going green with Gram.