Frustrated by complaints that "Dinner Isn't Hot Enough?"

It comes as no surprise that many aged care facilities are facing daily complaints regarding the temperature of their meals. We are told repeatedly that meal times are among the most anticipated moments in a resident’s day; this makes it extremely important for their wellbeing to get right.

When your Chefs are creating first class meals, why is it such a challenge to deliver them hot? We are finding the bulk of the issue lies with cooked food being stored and transported using methods that are ill-equipped to maintain optimal food temperature. This can very quickly turn a first-class meal cold and soggy by the time it reaches the table. The unfortunate result is more often than not...disappointed, and unhappy residents.

Common reasons for aged care food going cold 

  • Gastronorm trays of food remain on unheated bench tops for too long

  • Ineffecive food transit systems mean meals lose temperature whilst being transported between oven and servery

  • Hot food is served onto cold plates

  • Plated meals are not covered

  • Meals are plated and left for extended periods of time before meal service commences


What methods have traditionally been employed to address these issues?


Bain Marie or hot working tops have been installed to keep Gastronorm trays warm whilst plating in serveries


Heated spring-loaded plate dispensers are used to keep plates and crockery warm whilst serving



Insulated meal bases and covers are used with the intention of keeping plated meals warm




Insulated trolley covers are used with the intention of keeping food and plated meals warm prior to serving or delivery




European technology and engineering has delivered a better way

How will ScanBox Change and Improve your Processes?

Scanbox food transport boxes have raised the bar in efficient hot and cold food transport. Getting your meals from A to B, and held at the optimal temperature, has never been easier. Heavy duty, yet lightweight, ergonomic and maneuverable, the elegant design of these food transport boxes can combine heating, cooling, ambient or combination solutions to help you perfectly preserve meal quality and temperature. 

Easy operation and avaialble with a range of optional features to suit your unique needs, SkanBox is the idealsolution for both plated and choice approaches. Now you can ensure all food is delivered directly to residents or serveries in optimal condition. 

Why ScanBox are Industry Leaders

  • Fast preheat times using a standard 10amp powerpoint, meaning no expensive electrical adjustments required to have this brilliant product in your kitchen or servery. 
  • Lightweight and mobile, perfect for the fast-paced kitchen and foodservice environment
  • Ideal for temperature recovery in the rare event that this is required
  • Can be used to transport bulk food to the servery, and/or delivery plated meals directly to residents who are unable to attend the dining room
  • Aesthetically pleasing European design, to help you create an environment where your residents feel as though they're dining in a 5-star hotel. 


Want to deliver your first-class meals at the optimal temperature? 

Work with Skanos!

We consult closely with facilities to identify, analyse and overcome existing processes and challenges.

We understand the delicate nature of the aged care foodservice industry, and pride ourselves on tailoring solutions and systems to ensure food is delivered to each and every resident hot - as it should be! And with ease.


Resident satisfaction, smiles in the dining room, and aged care facility support is our priority.