Aged Care Food Transport - Handling Distances and Sloping Ramps

Hot and Cold food transport to residents is challenging enough in aged care. Durable and decent capacity food transport boxes can weigh 63kgs or more even when empty. Due to ScanBox lightweight maneuverability and swivel castors that can turn on a dime, that weight is no problem on level ground. But when you’re transporting food considerable distances several times per day in a unit at capacity, sloped or difficult terrain can become a challenge. Aged care staff (and residents) may be at risk of injury.

Safer, Easier Food Transportation for Aged Care

Not every aged care facility’s corridors and walkways are on level ground. Unlike Hotels and Resorts most residential care home staff are without the luxury of a service lift, they’re required to transport goods to residents and serveries amongst the aging occupants. This is precisely the challenge management and foodservice personnel have solved at Uniting Edinglassie retirement village. They enlisted Skanos to help them transport their hot and ambient meals at precise temperatures over distances involving steep ramps, tight corners, and challenging slopes.

Some of Eadinglassie’s many sloped ramp-style walkways

The Solution: ScanBox Ergo Line Combo with Ergo Drive

With an Ergo Drive motorised chassis the Ergo Line ScanBox is on the move effortlessly. The quiet Dunker motors start the moment you begin to move the cart forwards or backwards, and ensure the cabinet intuitively glides with you. Barely applying any pressure, you can literally transport the ScanBox with one finger. The faster you move, the faster it goes, the moment you slow down, it slows down with you. Incredibly easy, and most importantly, safer bulk food transport for your staff and customers.

Ergo Drive Motorised Chassis

Developed by ScanBox for assembly with any of their food transport trolleys, the chassis is ideal for heavy loads and/or navigating difficult environments with steep slopes. Equipped with step-less speed control, inbuilt battery charger and emergency brakes to ensure the safety of your staff and the public.

  • Battery condition gauge
  • Maximum speed limiter by voltage measurement
  • Emergency stop button
  • Exterior programmer connection

The battery charge lasts over long hours for continued power when you need it most.

The Edinglassie team were thrilled to receive the ideal ScanBox solutions for their unique operation.

ScanBox offer Several Custom Configurations for over 60 models of various shapes, sizes and hot, cold or ambient functionality. All ScanBoxe's are customisable and compatible with the Ergo Drive to help your staff hold and deliver meals efficiently - gliding effortlessly from A-B.