Model No: NQ106200

Norqi Multipan 200L Standard Electric

The Norqi 200L Standard Electric easily handles the most demanding batch-cooking needs

Designed exclusively for large-scale food enterprises, the NQ106200 boasts an impressive 200L capacity, making it the ultimate performer in productivity.

Designed to meet the demands of massive food production, this multipan ensures consistent performance for food manufacturers, clubs, hotels, convention centres, and those who undertake enormous food service requirements.

Winning Features

  • Incredible Versatility: Frying, braising, stir-frying, sautéing, and more, this multifunction tool is an absolute game-changer in any professional kitchen.
  • Giant Single Cooking Zone: Perfect for even the most intensive catering environments.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Ensuring perfect cooking results with unparalleled temperature consistency.
  • Easy Maintenance: Quality stainless steel allows you to breeze through your cleaning routine in no time at all.
  • Solid Build: Designed to meet the most demanding high-output use 
  • Huge 200L Capacity: Large batches, prepared effortlessly.
  • Cutting-edge Tilting Mechanism: Allows for effortlessly mixing, flipping, and transferring massive amounts.
  • Fast Heat Recovery: heat on demand!
  • Environmental Consideration: Energy-efficient operation to minimise long-term overheads.

Unleash Your Hidden Advantage for Mastering At-scale Cooking!

Discover unparalleled convenience and unwavering consistency in food production cooking. With its impressive 200L capacity, this exceptional appliance empowers you to conquer even the most demanding culinary volumes effortlessly. 


Renowned for its exceptional heat distribution and retention, the Multipan 200L is capable of swiftly reaching temperatures up to 220°C. When employing demanding cooking techniques that consistently require output with complex, deep flavours, this kitchen powerhouse delivers.


The innovative tilting mechanism allows for effortless management of large batches, ensuring both safety and ease of cleaning post-production.


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SKU NQ106200
Model 200L Multipan Bratt Pan Standard Electric
Exterior Dimensions 1692 mm W x 878 mm D x 900 mm H
Cooking Surface Dimensions 960 mm W x 500 mm D x 370 mm H
Number of zones (pcs) 1
Capacity (L) 200L
Voltage 3 x400V+N+PE
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power (kW)td> 24
Current (A) 39A  3PH
Standby Consumption (W) <5
Protection Class IP X5