Model No: NQ404100

Norqi Multipan 100L Induction

Experience the Future: Norqi NQ404100 100L Induction Multipan

Revolutionise your high-volume food production with Norqi's game-changing NQ404100 Multipan. Harnessing the unrivalled power of induction technology, this 100L multifunction powerhouse delivers lightning-fast, perfectly even cooking for unmatched consistency.


Built for non-stop use in demanding commercial kitchens, it's ideal for food manufacturers, bakeries, clubs, hotels, convention centres and any operation requiring high-output cooking. With its vast power and next-level performance, it will transform your productivity.


Winning Features

  • Induction Excellence: Experience rapid, precise, and energy-efficient cooking, taking your dishes to the next level.
  • 100L Capacity: Designed for mass food production, ensuring consistent quality in every batch.
  • From frying to simmering, this multifunction multipan does it all.
  • Instantaneous Heat Generation: The power of induction ensures immediate temperature rise.
  • Energy Efficient Operation: Consumes less energy, reducing your carbon footprint and operational costs.
  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Very Fast Heat Recovery
  • Durable Stainless Steel Design: Built to last, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.
  • Advanced Tilting System: Simplifies the mixing, pouring, and cleaning processes, especially for large quantities.
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark


Norqi: Take on Any Cooking Challenge with Ease


Sear, braise, fry or sauté with incredible speed thanks to instant, adjustable induction heat. 


Induction brings superior temperature control for perfecting every cooking technique, from gentle simmering to intense searing heat. No more unevenly cooked dishes or unpredictable outcomes.


The NQ404100's vast capacity empowers you to double or even triple recipe quantities, and its robust stainless steel build ensures continuous use is no problem.


The cutting-edge tilting mechanism guarantees the secure and ergonomic transfer of substantial volumes of hot contents while also simplifying the post-production clean-up process.


Experience Norqi’s Induction Revolution




Revolutionise your commercial kitchen with Norqi's game-changing NQ404100 Multipan. Say goodbye to standard technology and step into the future of high-efficiency, high-volume cooking!


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Take your productivity to the next level with Norqi.

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SKU NQ404100
Model 100L Multipan Bratt Pan Induction
Exterior Dimensions 1452 mm W x 878 mm D x 900 mm H
Cooking Surface Dimensions 720 mm W x 500 mm D x 288 mm H
Number of zones (pcs) 1
Capacity (L) 100L
Voltage 3 x400V+N+PE
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power (kW)td> 15
Current (A) 22A  3PH
Standby Consumption (W) <10
Protection Class IP X5