Model No: NQ403004

Norqi 0490 Bratt Pan 48L Induction

Elevate your commercial kitchen endeavours with the 0490, a cutting-edge 48L bratt pan, which seamlessly integrates the wonders of induction technology for unmatched speed and sustainable cooking

This powerhouse is ideally suited for busy hotels, restaurants, clubs, aged care facilities, and large-scale catering services that prioritise elite performance for seriously consistent results.


A slightly wider unit than the 03120, the 0490 brings the same great 48L capacity but, in contrast, boasts four separate induction zones.

Winning Features

  • Roast, simmer, sauté, and beyond
  • Generous 48L capacity
  • Induction brilliance for rapid heat response
  • Energy efficient
  • 4 dedicated induction zones
  • Consistent heat spread
  • Sturdy stainless steel framework
  • Enhanced tilting mechanism for seamless and safe pouring
  • Small footprint
  • Very fast heat recovery
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Denmark


Norqi: Delivering unparalleled kitchen performance


Deliver consistently outstanding meal results with the unmatched speed, pinpoint accuracy, and adaptability of induction technology. The 0490 bratt pan revolutionises cooking methodologies, ensuring culinary delights with every use.


From caramelising onions to grilling gourmet burgers, poaching gourmet dishes, or simmering velvety sauces, its versatility is second to none.


Four distinct induction zones allow for exceptional control over the cooking surface, ensuring every cm receives consistent heat. Norqi's innovative heat distribution means perfect dishes every time.


The induction advantage


Harnessing the power of electromagnetic fields, induction cooking ensures instantaneous heat, superior temperature control, and remarkable energy efficiency. The result? Unrivalled performance with steadfast reliability. 

Discover why top chefs globally are turning to Norqi for groundbreaking, top-of-the-line kitchen equipment. Contact us today to learn more.


Step into tomorrow and supercharge your catering space with Norqi's state-of-the-art induction offerings.

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SKU NQ403004
Model 0490 Bratt Pan Induction
Exterior Dimensions 1142 mm W x 853 mm D x 900 mm H
Cooking Surface Dimensions 960 mm W x 500 mm D x 90 mm H
Number of zones (pcs) 4
Capacity (L) 48L
Voltage 3 x400V+N+PE
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power (kW)td> 20
Current (A) 31A  3PH
Leakage Current (mA) 7-10
Standby Consumption (W) <10
Protection Class IP X5