Model No: NQ105004

Norqi 04150 Bratt Pan 60L Standard Electric

Move your large-scale cooking operations into overdrive with the Norqi 04150 Bratt Pan 60L


This electric pan, with its impressive 60L capacity, offers efficiency,  power and is specially designed for commercial kitchens that serve vast quantities of food every day. 

Whether you're browning massive portions of meat, stir-frying kilograms of vegetables, or simmering  sauce, this bratt pan will keep up with your busiest service periods.

Perfectly tailored for aged care facilities, cafes, restaurants, clubs, hotels and other commercial catering services that need to pump out meals by the hundred, this robust appliance is ready to meet your demands.

Winning Features

  • Whether it's frying, simmering, or braising, this pan does it all.
  • 2 cooking zones to easily cater to diverse cooking requirements.
  • unparalleled heat distribution for consistent results.
  • The stainless steel finish ensures cleaning is a breeze.
  • Constructed from high-quality stainless steel.
  • 60L is designed to meet the demands of large-scale operations.
  • Advanced tilting mechanism ensures ergonomic cooking and hassle-free cleaning.
  • Crafted to save on energy bills without compromising on performance.
  • Small footprint.
  • Fast heat recovery.

Big Capacity; Big Results!

The 04150's deeper pan design, despite having the same exterior dimensions as the 04120, allows you to cook even larger batches in a single cycle, truly making it a beacon of efficiency.


Known for its ability to reach temperatures up to 220°C and its exceptional heat retention, this bratt pan promises to deliver outstanding performance, especially when high-heat techniques are essential to build deep flavour fast.


Norqi's advanced tilt mechanism simplifies the tasks of tossing, stirring, and handling vast quantities of food. Plus, it ensures a swift and straightforward cleaning process post-service.


Replace the clutter of multiple kitchen gadgets with this all-in-one solution. From the beginning to the end, Norqi's bratt pans deliver professional results you can always rely on. Reach out today to discover how the 04150 can revolutionise your kitchen operations.


Boost your kitchen's output with Norqi today and take meal production to new heights.

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SKU NQ105004
Model 04150 Bratt Pan Standard Electric
Exterior Dimensions 890 mm W x 846 mm D x 900 mm H
Cooking Surface Dimensions 720 mm W x 520 mm D x 150 mm H
Number of zones (pcs) 2
Capacity (L) 60L
Voltage 3 x400V+N+PE
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power (kW)td> 11.3
Current (A) 16A  3PH
Protection Class IP X5