Model No: NQ403003

Norqi 0390 Bratt Pan 36L Induction

Faster, Greener Cooking: Norqi 0390 36L Induction Bratt Pan

Take your commercial kitchen to the next level with this innovative 36L bratt pan that harnesses the power of induction technology for lightning-fast, energy-efficient cooking. 

It’s an ideal solution for aged care kitchens, cubs, hotels, restaurants and small to medium-sized catering facilities where performance matters and a compact unit is preferred.

Winning Features

  • 36L capacity
  • Induction cooking for lightning-fast heating
  • Energy efficient
  • 3 independent induction zones
  • Even heat distribution
  • Durable stainless steel pan
  • Tilting mechanism for safe pouring
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark
  • Small footprint
  • Very fast heat recovery


Norqi Brings the Future of Cooking to Your Kitchen


Step your food production up a notch with the superior speed, precision, and efficiency of induction technology. This professional-grade bratt pan streamlines cooking processes and ensures consistently delicious results, meal after meal. 


Three independent induction zones allow you to finely control cooking across the expansive cooking surface, and the unique Norqi heat distribution systems ensure uniform heating for dishes perfectly cooked, edge-to-edge.


Its commercial-grade brushed stainless steel construction is durable enough for high-volume use yet easy to clean after busy shifts. An ergonomic tilting mechanism makes it easy to manoeuvre hot contents safely.


Why choose induction?


Induction cooking heats pans directly through electromagnetic energy, which means incredibly fast heat-up times, more precise temperature control, and significant energy savings compared to conventional electric models. The result? Turbo-charged performance with guaranteed consistency.

Discover why commercial chefs worldwide trust Norqi for innovative, high-performance cooking solutions. Enquire today to learn more.

Transition your kitchen to the benefits of faster, more sustainable induction technology with Norqi today!

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SKU NQ403003
Model 0390 Bratt Pan Induction
Exterior Dimensions 912 mm W x 853 mm D x 900 mm H
Cooking Surface Dimensions 720 mm W x 500 mm D x 90 mm H
Number of zones (pcs) 3
Capacity (L) 36L
Voltage 3 x400V+N+PE
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power (kW)td> 15
Current (A) 22A  3PH
Leakage Current (mA) 7-10
Standby Consumption (W) <10
Protection Class IP X5