Model No: EasyMix150L

Joni EasyMix 150 L Steam Jacketed Mixing Kettle

The EasyMix is a simple kettle with an integrated stirrer. Mechanising the stirring in the kettle simplifies food preparation, and saves labour. It also ensures a better and more consistant result. This is due to the heat being more evenly distributed throughout the entire contents of the kettle and preventing burning.

The kettle is available with nominal volumes of 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250 or 300 litres and is fitted with Auto-Temp 15 control as standard. This control system includes electric tilt with TiltBack, digital control and display of the inner kettle temperature, stirrer control, pushbutton-operated water filling and WaterLevelAutomatic. The control panel is located on an adjustable control box on the pillar. As an option EasyMix can be fitted with AutoTemp 35, which includes:-

  • electric tilt with TiltBack, digital control and display of the inner kettle temperature,
  • stirrer control,
  • an electronic water flow meter,
  • a clock with an alarm function and
  • Water-Level-Automatic.

The stirrer with its fully penetrating stirrer shaft, the kettle has no unhygienic joints around the food and the lifting handle on the stirrer is always clean and easily accessible. The stirrer has six dynamic stirring patterns, which automatically adapt to the speed selected and therefore always operate optimally. The speed can be set to any speed between 5 and 140 RPM. A slow rotation speed distributes the heat and treats the food gently, while a fast rotation speed mixes effectively and makes certain dishes lighter.

The powerful stirrer motor provides 152/243/358 Nm and can therefore also stir thick dishes. For instance, mashed potato made from fresh potatoes can for example be prepared in the kettle.

For safety reasons, the stirrer will stop when the lid is opened, but thickeners, spices, etc. can be added through the inspection hatch.

With the Slowmix Accessory Option, thiis allows flexibility as the stirrer can rotate slowly when the kettle is tilted. This can be used to mix the contents within the kettle during serving.

The stirrer also enables the MultiClean cleaning tool to be fitted, which saves time, energy and water when cleaning the kettle.

Several kettles can be linked together and the control panel can be placed on either the right- or the left-hand pillar. The EasyMix model can also be linked with the Easy model.


SKU EasyMix150L
Type Joni EasyMix
Category Kettle
Type EasyMix
Construction Stainless steel
Working pressure 1.0 bar
Max. steam temperature 120° C
Max, temperature on outside of kettle bowl Less 40° C
Working height 900 mm
Max. cooking capacity 150 litres
Stirrer speed rpm min-max 5-140
Weight (kg) 349
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 1302 x 931 x 1941
Power connection 3 Phase, 400V, 50Hz,
Rated power (kw) 31.50
Current consumption (A) 3 x 48
Time to boil water 10°-90° C (min) app. 28
Water connection ½", 1.5-6 bar, 35L/min
AutoTemp 02e Control Standard
AutoTemp 11 Control Option
AutoTemp 31 Control Option
Butterfly valve Option
Sieve plate Option
Spray gun Option
MultiClean Option
Chilling NA
Shipping Weight 399.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.602m
Shipping Height 1.500m
Shipping Length 1.360m
Shipping Cubic 3.268080000m3

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