Model No: JE9130

Jeros JE 9130 Utensil Washer

JEROS utensil washer. Perfect for bakeries, supermarkets and food manufacturers

JEROS utensil washers are specifically designed for the food production and manufacturing industries.

The JEROS Values
Efficiency, optimum hygiene and safety form the core of the JEROS set of values. They are the only manufacturer to have independent bacteriological tests carried out to measure the success of their cleaning systems. All products are tested by Eurofins Steins Laboratorie, a world recognised laboratory.

Clean up with ultra-efficient, high performance JEROS utensil washers. Save user back strain, and save up to 25% off your power and water consumption.

Constructed of high grade stainless steel throughout, the 9130 washer has a small footprint, is easy to operate, simple to clean and achieves brilliant wash results.

Winning Features

  • Hygienic machine design backed by independent bacteriological testing
  • This series features a moving wash frame enabling efficient washing from all four sides
  • During a wash cycle the wash frame moves forwards and backwards within the cabinet, improving the wash results even more
  • Lid opens fully to allow easy 3-way 180° operation and loading without causing operator back strain
  • Self-cleaning ""Duo Micro"" Filter system
  • Rinse pump guarantees a constant 85°C temperature during the entire rinse period for superior utensil sanitisation
  • Fully automated detergent dispenser ensures the optimum dosage of soap
  • High temperature rinse aids fast drying by evaporation, and rinse aid can be added automatically
  • Optional Built-in mixer tap
  • Easy install and suitable for corners and small spaces
  • Energy and Water Efficiency features
  • All machines feature water saving rinse nozzles
  • "ECO wash" programme for less soiled objects
  • Machines wash at a reduced temperature and use less soap
  • "Auto off" setting to avoid machines being unnecessarily left in standby mode
  • Unique double filtration system, with a progressive micro-fine filter, for efficient wash water filtration
  • A perfect wash result with less soap consumption and minimal water consumption

The integrated drain pump removes all the water from the machine, including the pipe system and drain, to eliminate the risk of bacteria and odours
In addition, water is removed from the top and bottom of the water level in each washing process; this technique ensures cleaner wash water, thus reducing water consumption

Contact us for more on how a JEROS utensil washer can improve hygiene, safety and efficiency in your production kitchen.


SKU JE9130
Type Jeros Utensil Washer
Fuse 32 Amp
Motor protecting switch Yes
Highlights for 9130 - Hygienic machine Design - Self-cleaning "Dou Micro" Filtersystem - Energy saving, up to 25 % - Enviroment friendly "Eco Wash" - Higer/Larger wash volumen as option - New userfriendly control panel - Auto-Off function
Wash area(W*D*H) 1290x645x735mm
Outer dimensions(W*D*H1/H2) mm 1555x955x2100x1631
Euronorm crates 400x600mm 3
Plates 600x400mm 45
Plates 600x460 30
Plates 600x800mm 15
Gastronorm tray 500x500 2
40 L Bowl H 457 x Ø 514mm 2
60 L Bowl H 511 X Ø 575 2
80 L bowl H 515 x Ø 645mm 2
Eco Wash Yes
Duo Micro Filter Yes
Insulated lid, wash- & rinse tank Yes
OPTIONS 1 Water connection hose (½"1600mm)
OPTIONS 2 Automatic soap dosage
OPTIONS 3 Integrated mixing tap
OPTIONS 4 Integrated shower tap
OPTIONS 5 Rinsehose
Washing tank - Content in litres 125 L 
Washing system Washingframe
Washing programmes 3 - Preprogrammed to 3, 3 and 6 minutes. This function is adjustable
Rinsing water temperature 85°C
Rinsing system Rinsingframe
Washing volume/drying volume (HxWxD) 645x1290x635mm
Dimensions HxWxD(closed) 1631x1555x745mm
Dimensions HxWxD(open) 2088x1555x745mm
Water consumption per wash approx. 12 L
Euronorm crates (Variable)*x400x600mm 3
Trays 600x800mm 28
Trays 600x400mm 42
Trays 605x460mm(DK standard) 28
Baskets 500x500mm 2
Finger touch panel Yes
Output 16,5 kW
Number of heating elements 3
Connection ,Ampere 20A
Voltage standard 3N-50Hz-400V+PE
Connection cable (standard) 3N5x2.5"x2500 mm
Number of filters 2
Water connection temperature (ºC) 50°C
Drain dimension 40mm
Production material Stainless Steel
Washing water temperature 60°C
Washing pump size 1x2,0kW + 1x2,7 kW
Washing pump capacity 600+950 L/min
Washing pressure in nozzles 0,8-1,4 bar
Number of washing nozzles 74
Rinsing water tank content 31 L
Rinsing pump size 0,37 kW
Rinsing pump capacity 350 L/min
Rinsing time approx. 20 sec
Rinsing nozzles 30
Rinse pressure 1,1 bar
Net weight(without water) 225 Kg
Gross weight(without water) 250 Kg 
Noise level 70 dB(a)
Feeding height 900mm
Accessible from how many sides? 3
Standby/power saver The watertemperature is adjustable and can be lowered, and hereby lowering the powerconsumption 
Micro control Mark 3
Emptying program Yes
40 L (457x514mm) 2
60 L (511x575mm) 1
Water softener Yes
Insulated lid Inclusive
Insulated tank Inclusive
Automatic soap dosage Yes
Integrated mixing tap Yes
End rinse pump Inklusiv
Flush hose Yes
Integrated shower tap Yes
Automatic lid opening system Yes
Water connection hose Yes
Decorating bag frame Yes
Tray rack for 7 trays Yes
Tray rack for 15 trays Yes
Basket for small objects (500x500mm) Yes
Basket for glasses/cups (500x500mm) Yes
Plate basket (500x500mm) Yes
Basket for small objects (250x250mm) Yes
Cutlery basket Yes
Cutlery basket 8 rooms (250x500mm) Yes
Wire mesh basket (650x530x160mm) Yes
Drip tray front complete (adapted individually) Yes
Wheels Yes
Pre-wash table (customisable) Yes
Prerinsing sink (customisable) Yes
Rinse shower "Mora"" Yes
Mixertap "Mora"" Yes
Wall mixer tap "Mora" Yes
Shipping Weight 290.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.750m
Shipping Height 1.860m
Shipping Length 1.060m
Shipping Cubic 3.450300000m3