Model No: JE200XL

Jeros JE 200XL Crate Tunnel Washer

JEROS 200XL industrial crate washer perfect for bakeries, supermarkets and food manufacturers. 250-300 crate per hour wash capacity

Industrial crate washer with a 250-300 crate per hour capacity. JEROS 200XL is an incredibly efficient and user friendly crate tunnel washer, developed specifically for small to medium companies. Clean up with simple one or two man operation, high performance and low chemical, power and water consumption.

Seamlessly designed and manufactured of high grade stainless steel throughout.

The JEROS 200XL efficiently cleans crates, containers and baskets in a fast, and environmentally friendly manner. Small parts and accessories can be placed in stainless steel baskets and washed in the same machine.

Efficiency and optimum hygiene safety
JEROS is the only manufacturer to have independent hygiene checks carried out on all products. Tests are conducted by Eurofins Steins Laboratorie, a globally recognised world wide laboratory.

Winning Features

  • 4 x rotating wash arms guarantee an excellent wash result despite how soiled the contents
  • Adjustable wash temperature
  • Adjustable side directional guides
  • Stainless steel chains and conveyor system
  • Low maintenance
  • Conveniently mounted on castors
  • Hygienic and energy/water efficient
  • Run through height clearance 47cm 
  • ​Run through width clearance 65cm

Long neutral zone for optimal rinse results
Between the wash and rinse zone the JEROS 200 has a 60 cm long neutral zone where the soapy water can soak and run off again, before the rinse process removes the remaining soapy water and the items are disinfected.

Suitable for all Euronorm crates and comparable products.


Type Jeros Utensil Washer
Fuse 50 Amp
Motor protecting switch Yes
Great combination of price and performance - Capacity up to: 250 - 300 crates per hour
Basic information - Run through height: 47 cm - Run through width: 65 cm - Mobile on 4 wheels - Conveyer system in stainless steel - A great wash result with a new and unique wash system - No down holder necessary - Long neutral zone guarantees optimal rinse result
Capacity (crates) 250-300 crates/hour
Run through measurement(HxW) 470*650mm
Rotation wash arms 4
OPTIONS 1 Soap dosage
OPTIONS 2 Rinse dosage
OPTIONS 3 After rinse heater
OPTIONS 4 One-man-operation
OPTIONS 5 Adjusteable conveyer speed
OPTIONS 6 Conveyor/lattice-belt
OPTIONS 7 Blowing Unit
Washing tank - Content in litres 240 L 
Washing system 4 Wash-arms 
Washing programmes The machine has a start- and stop-function, and adjustable flowspeed 
Rinsing water temperature 85°C 
Rinsing system Rinsingframe
Dimensions HxWxD(closed) 1660x980x2975mm
Dimensions HxWxD(open) 2250x980x2975mm
Water consumption per wash Depends on the flowspeed
Euronorm crates (Variable)*x400x600mm 250-300 per hour 
Output 24 kW
Number of heating elements 4
Number of filters 1
Water connection temperature (ºC) min 50°C
Drain dimension 50mm
Production material Stainless Steel
Washing water temperature 60°C
Washing pump size 2x2,7 kW
Washing pump capacity 2x950 L/min
Washing pressure in nozzles 0,3-1 bar 
Number of washing nozzles 36
Rinsing pump capacity 6,5-13,5 L/min
Rinsing time Depends on the flowspeed
Rinsing nozzles 10
Passage dimensions HxW 470x650mm
Net weight(without water) 510 Kg
Gross weight(without water) 525 Kg 
Noise level 80 dB(a)
Feeding height 980mm
Accessible from how many sides? 2 (It is possible to open the machine in the wash-section) 
Standby/power saver The watertemperature is adjustable and can be lowered, and hereby lowering the powerconsumption 
Water softener Yes
Insulated lid Yes
Connection 3 x 230V Yes
Prerinsing module Yes
Washing unit Yes
Rinse aid Yes
Drying module Yes
Transport system Yes
Insulated tank Yes
Decorating bag frame Yes
Tray rack for 7 trays Yes
Tray rack for 15 trays Yes
Basket for small objects (500x500mm) Yes
Basket for glasses/cups (500x500mm) Yes
Plate basket (500x500mm) Yes
Basket for small objects (250x250mm) Yes
Cutlery basket Yes
Cutlery basket 8 rooms (250x500mm) Yes
Wire mesh basket (650x530x160mm) Yes
Drip tray front complete (adapted individually) Yes
Wheels Yes
Stainless Steel Basket (650x430x160mm) Yes
Synthetic side guide Yes
Pre-wash table (customisable) Yes
Prerinsing sink (customisable) Yes
Rinse shower "Mora"" Yes
Mixertap "Mora"" Yes
Wall mixer tap "Mora" Yes
Shipping Weight 565.0000kg
Shipping Width 3.200m
Shipping Height 1.800m
Shipping Length 1.200m
Shipping Cubic 6.912000000m3