Model No: BP80116-ED

PizzaMaster PM 452ED-1DW Countertop Pizza Oven

2 deck, 3 clay hearthstone p/deck countertop commerical pizza oven. Perfect for bakeries, cafes, takeaways and restaurants.

Double width electric pizza ovens for when space is limited; but quality, flavour and FAST old-world bake results are everything.

Why Choose PizzaMaster?

Set your oven for the precise results you're looking for.

For True Artisan Baking
Perfect Pizzas in less than 3 minutes
High Temperature Roasting, Baking and Grilling
Tastier Pizzas Breads and Pastries
Genuine Multi-cooking Functionality

Designed to bake, roast, toast and grill a wide variety of foods from breads and pastries to vegetables, shellfish and meats, they are built to last and capable of continuous duty 24hrs/day.

Winning Features

  • Effective insulation and low energy consumption 
  • High temperature up to 400°C for old-world baking
  • Natural baked clay hearthstone with crisping function
  • Hygienic and easy to clean - not a screw or rivet in sight
  • Independent electronic controls for top, bottom and frontal heat
  • Compact, versatile and efficient
  • High power for superior capacity
  • Stepless top and bottom heat controls
  • Digital Display and Turbo start function
  • Automatic timer with alarm
  • Units are stackable as demand grows
  • Strong, easy-to-open door with ergonomic handle
  • 2 year warranty and local after sale support on all models

The largest electric deck oven range in the world

80 different sizes, over 1000 combinations + optional extras and accessories... Contact us to build your own perfect PizzaMaster


SKU BP80116-ED
Model PM 452 ED-1DW
Exterior Dimension 1160mm W x 650mm D x 800mm H*
Interior Dimensions per deck 920mm W x 460mm D x 85mm H
Max Operating Temp. 400°C, 500°C
Net Weight 180 kg
Volts 3 Phase, 2400V
Amps 32
Total kw 18
Hertz 50
Shipping Weight 158.8000kg

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