Model No: Multi400L

Joni Maxi 400L Steam Jacketed Kettle

The Joni Maxi model is available in 2 versions and meets all the requirements for a modern kettle without a stirrer.

Kettles from 40 to 500 litres and the option to link the Multi with the MultiMix, Opti and OptiMix make the Multi an obvious choice for kitchens seeking laboursaving functions and user-friendly solutions. A minimum tilt height of 400 mm makes serving simple and also makes the Multi ideal for high output kitchens.

The kettle is available with nominal volumes of 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500 litres. The Multi is supplied as standard with AutoTemp 31 control, which includes:-

  • electric tilt with TiltBack,
  • digital control and display of the inner kettle temperature,
  • an electronic water flow meter,
  • a clock with an alarm function and
  • Water-Level-Automatic.

As an option, the kettle is available with AutoTemp 51 control, which includes:-

  • a further six programs and a cooking probe.

Ten sets of parameters can be saved for each program and the cooking probe can be used to control and display the temperature of the food.

The control panel is located on an adjustable control box on the pillar.

The Multi comes as standard with a lightweight, tight-sealing lid made from synthetic material. The lid is hinged on the pillar with the control panel and a gas spring enables the lid to be opened with minimal effort.

As an option the kettle can be delivered with a rotatable lid. This makes the cleaning of the lid easier especially for larger kettles.

The many options for combining sizes and models with narrow or wide pillars enable the kettle to be customised to existing installations, so minimising the need to make expensive modifications to existing buildings.


SKU Multi400L
Type Joni Multi
Category Kettle
Type Multi
Construction Stainless steel
Working pressure 1.0 bar
Max. steam temperature 120° C
Max, temperature on outside of kettle bowl Less 40° C
Working height 900 mm
Max. cooking capacity 400 litres
Stirrer speed rpm min-max NA
Weight (kg) 576
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 1800 x 1075 x 2244
Power connection 3 Phase, 400V, 50Hz,
Rated power (kw) 60.00
Current consumption (A) 3 x 87
Time to boil water 10°-90° C (min) app. 38
Water connection ½", 1.5-6 bar, 35L/min
AutoTemp 02e Control Standard
AutoTemp 11 Control Option
AutoTemp 31 Control NA
Butterfly valve Option
Sieve plate Option
Spray gun Option
MultiClean NA
Chilling Option
Shipping Weight 626.0000kg
Shipping Width 2.100m
Shipping Height 1.500m
Shipping Length 1.705m
Shipping Cubic 5.370750000m3

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