Model No: GR860120020

Gram PROCESS KPS120CFLSU Blast Chiller Remote

Blast Chiller Room. 1/1 and 2/1 Gastronorm Solid Door, White Exterior, Stainless Steel Interior. Perfect for kitchens where optimal food safety and hygiene are priority

Gram blast chiller for remote installations. The KPS120CFLSU model is a powerful and efficient solution for kitchens requiring fast chilling performance. Gram blast chillers are energy efficient for reduced power consumption and environmental impact.

Gram sleek and sophisticated Denmark design and engineering is a testament to the modern application of technology in commercial equipment.

World leaders in commercial refrigeration efficiency and engineering. Optimum hygiene, food safety and performance. With the new intuitive controller it has never been easier to manage chilling cycles.

Winning Features

  • Prepared for remote installation
  • Support braket for 1/1 and 2/1 Gastronorm trays
  • Core temperature probe
  • Control panel + encoder for navigation
  • Prevent surface freezing damage with the IFR blast chilling function
  • Choose the IFR operation, time or temperature controlled chill cycle
  • Up to 20 customised cycles can be stored
  • HACCP alarms
  • Right hand hinged reversible self-closing door
  • Operates as a storage cabinet after the chilling process has finished
  • Exterior/Interior: White/Stainless
  • Temperature range: 0° C/+10 ° C
  • Chilling capacity: 120 kg from +70°C to + 3°C in 90 minutes
  • Functional design and easy to clean and maintain
  • Height: 2235mm

World leaders in commercial refrigeration efficiency and engineering, Skanos are proud to bring Gram to Australian shores.



SKU GR860120020
Type Gram Process
Product Name KPS 120 CF LS U
Exterior/Interior Finish White/Stainless
External Dimensions W x D x H 1500 x 1326 x 2235
Equipped with Right hand hinged door. Core probe support bracket for 1/1 and 2/1 GN tray
Electrical Connection 230 V, 50 Hz